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The Venetian lives up to expectations

December 3, 2009 by  
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Not many banquet halls are quite like The Venetian, where you can look around and admire huge mosaics and glance up at a ceiling decorated with inspiring paintings and mouldings. The lobbies feature double tiers of gold, off-white and beige. The light reflects on the colours, juxtaposed with those of the mosaics and paintings to create an architectural masterpiece – a hall that not only displays art but is, in itself, a work of art.

The Venetian accommodates a variety of events, cultures and needs. It hosts everything from bachelor parties and showers to sacraments and weddings, including bar and bat mitzvahs and can cater to a wide variety of cuisines including Kosher, European, Chinese and Middle Eastern. Clients can also opt for a more traditional menu. “We pride ourselves on the diverse selection of food and services offered,” says owner Joseph Mete. Read more

No Easy Answers to a potentially Deadly Outcome

December 3, 2009 by  
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Hockey0The role of the barbarians who find a home in Emperor Bettman’s ring is to forge the fury of balance and clenched fists while pulverizing the face and skull of the enemy. Any time players drop the gloves, they take part in the controversial piece of the dynamic hockey jigsaw puzzle. To witness a live NHL fight, one is subjected to viewing hockey’s highly popular sideshow. Fans revive the Roman Empire, as chants from the Dark Age fill the arena with adrenaline, in the heat of the moment screams of “kill him” and “rip his head off” fly through the air with every jab and hook that lands flush on the opponent’s visage. This physical frenzy does not need to be dramatized, although NHL commissioner Gary Bettman donning the robes of Julius Caesar with a laurel wreath atop his brown comb-over would be magnificent. The difference between your everyday hockey arena and the Colosseum is that bloodthirsty Romans implored their gladiators to kill whatever stood in their way Read more

Zona Caffè: Taking A Break In Good Company

June 15, 2009 by  
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More than just a routine, enjoying a break is a way of life in Italy. The idea of sipping coffee and savouring a meal is a cherished tradition that has now found its way to the city. Opening this past spring at Jane and Rutherford’s bustling intersection, Zona Caffè is a unique hot spot, offering more than your average hot table and bar. “We wanted to create a place where friendships are made as you come to unwind,” says owner and founder Lina DeRocchis. “It has a very modern design and European feel – all of our equipment is imported from Italy.” Walking into Zona Caffè, patrons instantly notice the cool, soothing décor, infused with aromas of authentic Italian food. Read more