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Mi Casa, tu Casa

October 12, 2009 by  
Filed under Home Decor

Decor01. Lee Wilder Design: Fresh and innovative designs that capture a clean and timeless sensibility are what Lori Wilder and David Macri deliver at Lee Wilder Designs. Having spent over a decade in the design industry, the expert duo blends myriad textures, hues and styles to create luxurious spaces with a modern, contemporary edge. Clients bask in the gorgeous details of their functional designs., 416.203.9086

2. Gracia Bath Kitchen Interiors: Outfit your home in functional, contemporary kitchen and bathroom products from Gracia. Its superb collections allow homeowners to create ambiences that reflect their tastes and cater to their needs. With help from this industry leader, your home will ooze beauty and innovation., 905.265.8777, 416.223.2241 Read more

An Artistic Adventure Through Greece with Marina Khajetoorian

August 20, 2009 by  
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Greek0The heated days of a Grecian getaway climb and fall with ancestral beauty; burning with secrets from eras past, etched in age with epic verse, dumbfounding with archaeological mystery. Having jet and boated across the grandeur of Greece, interior designer Marina Khajetoorian is now one with Greek art, allowing her to fuse her illustrious firm, MK Interior Designs, with enhanced artistic design plans for your home.

From its rocky inclines, ships speck ocean vistas as Doric columns dot villages scarcely trodden by tourists’ feet. Sculptures and sketches, pottery and frameworks flourish and flabbergast with romantic influences, inspired by revolutionary apotheosis and the Bronze Age born on the island of Crete. Read more