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An Artistic Adventure Through Greece with Marina Khajetoorian

August 20, 2009 by  
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Greek0The heated days of a Grecian getaway climb and fall with ancestral beauty; burning with secrets from eras past, etched in age with epic verse, dumbfounding with archaeological mystery. Having jet and boated across the grandeur of Greece, interior designer Marina Khajetoorian is now one with Greek art, allowing her to fuse her illustrious firm, MK Interior Designs, with enhanced artistic design plans for your home.

From its rocky inclines, ships speck ocean vistas as Doric columns dot villages scarcely trodden by tourists’ feet. Sculptures and sketches, pottery and frameworks flourish and flabbergast with romantic influences, inspired by revolutionary apotheosis and the Bronze Age born on the island of Crete.

Exposed to the masterful subtleties of true Greek design, Khajetoorian travelled east to west, north to south, beginning her inaugural interior design tour service on the medieval isle of Rhodes. There she was greeted by Orthodox and Catholic churches, The Palace of the Grand Master and Turkish structures, found in Rhodes’ Old Town, a medieval World Heritage site.

She expanded her design collection with uniquely authentic decorative arts – vases, textiles and furniture – for clients yearning to peak their homes with Mediterranean culture. “Because Greek art is more simplified, more pure, you can create an airy atmosphere in your home, whether it’s formal or laid-back,” she explains.

Her know-how of a region where human woe originated was splashed with mythology and friendly chats with locals. She relished in the archaeological site of Lindos, a limestone-laden islet surrounded by beach and rock and remnants of the 1453 Ottoman Empire invasion.

On she went to the homeland of the Minoan civilization, to marvel at Crete’s Palace of Knossos. “To see the details of a palace built by hand and completed in 2,000 BC was invaluable to my imagination, to my understanding of grand architecture,” says Khajetoorian, her skin tanned; her hair sunkissed. Next was the caldera of Santorini, popular for its blue-domed churches as much as a  honeymoon destination, where the talent of local art explodes just as the archipelago of Santorini was formed – from a volcanic eruption. “Their pottery reflects the mythology and the Greek key, which is a sign of infinity,” says Khajetoorian.

Her journey continued with sightings of medieval monasteries, the Acropolis of Athens, Apollo temples, cherished citadels and gallery halls such as the newly opened Acropolis Museum. “To feel how structures were built with bare hands, to see the simple tools used to carve stone, was simply inspiring,” she says.

To book your spot on Marina Khajetoorian’s next architectural tour or schedule a consultation for your home, please contact her at:, 905.832.9899


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