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Steve Jobs: A Visionary Great

October 14, 2011 by  
Filed under Special Features, Success Story

Steve Jobs iphoneWhen Albert Einstein formulated E = mc2, he changed how we looked at the universe. When John Lennon told us to Imagine, he changed how we heard music. And when Steve Jobs gave us a new device, he changed how we interacted with technology. When the Internet exploded with dialogue discussing the passing of the 56-year-old Apple co-founder on October 5, it can be said with all confidence that millions of people did it using the products he created. This is his legacy; this is the most important innovator in the last 35 years.

No one, especially in the world of technology, has influenced more lives than Jobs. Rival developer Bill Gates spoke of the pleasure of knowing him, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg thanked him for showing “what you build can change the world,” celebrities wished him a heartfelt farewell, U.S. President Barack Obama Read more

Digital Technology Trends

February 10, 2011 by  
Filed under lifestyle

NavigatingTheDigitalSeaAs we plunge into the unknown expanses of the future, we must navigate the always-changing waters of the digital sea. Growing and multiplying at an ever-accelerating rate, technology is constantly evolving in both looks and functionality. There was a time when technology changed infrequently – a time when typewriters were used for typing, cameras took pictures and calculators calculated. But ever since the introduction of the consumer computer, technology has increased its pace, leaving consumers adrift in the wake of obsolete devices, software and formats.

It’s no secret that technology is always on the move. Devices and hardware we once thought to be ideal, important and perhaps even “cool” eventually become obsolete. We’ve recently seen this through pagers, fax machines, physical maps, VCRs and more recently, DVDs. With the popularity of Facebook, who even Read more