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Fitness and Nutrition Tips

April 5, 2010 by  
Filed under Health

Fitness Tips1: There are so many different ways to take our workouts to the next level but we seem to get stuck in the same routine. Take some time to really explore all that your health club has to offer. Why not try a new kind of exercise that you don’t usually do to get different muscles working? A little push can make a big difference.

2: In-home personal training could be a fast and effective way to get results. Having someone come to you means a hassle-free, no-excuses solution to your workout woes.

3: The most common mistake made by most trainees is under-eating. Muscle needs to be fed the proper nutrients. Skipping meals or not eating at least your basic metabolic requirements Read more

Structure Equals Function:Where Body Meets Soul

June 15, 2009 by  
Filed under Health

Deepak Chopra said that it is only through connecting mind and body that we can truly feel complete.

This is the mantra at Structure Equals Function, where owner Brett Mitsubata offers a revolutionary approach to holistic fitness in a private, warm, and welcoming atmosphere.

“Our muscles, bones, joints, and tendons make up the structure of our bodies, and this structure must equate to the function of our bodies,” says Mitsubata of the meaning behind the company’s name. “So if the structure is not working properly – because of an injury or alignment issue – then it’s not matching the function that it needs to perform, and thus must be balanced and repaired.” Read more