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Structure Equals Function:Where Body Meets Soul

June 15, 2009 by  
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Deepak Chopra said that it is only through connecting mind and body that we can truly feel complete.

This is the mantra at Structure Equals Function, where owner Brett Mitsubata offers a revolutionary approach to holistic fitness in a private, warm, and welcoming atmosphere.

“Our muscles, bones, joints, and tendons make up the structure of our bodies, and this structure must equate to the function of our bodies,” says Mitsubata of the meaning behind the company’s name. “So if the structure is not working properly – because of an injury or alignment issue – then it’s not matching the function that it needs to perform, and thus must be balanced and repaired.”

A certified personal trainer and Shiatsu therapist, Mitsubata combines his vast skills to create a private studio-clinic that fuses a Western approach to exercise with holistic, Eastern therapies. “Both philosophies complement each other to create a balanced fitness regime,” he says. After an in-depth consultation, each client is provided with a tailored program that tackles his or her specific structural and functional goals.

Clients can choose from the many private services offered – Personal Training, Shiatsu Therapy, Moxa, Core Training and Nutritional Counselling – to deliver a plan that works best for them. “It’s about helping you commit to a new lifestyle experience,” explains Mitsubata, who holds a certification in personal training from the American Council on Exercise. “Finding the right combination for you can work to burn fat, speed up the body’s metabolism and decrease stress.”  The result is a strong, resilient mind, body and soul.

For a free consultation, contact Brett Mitsubata at 905.303.8768 or visit


Do you suffer from lower back pain? If so, concentrate on strengthening your core muscles. Core muscles are mostly made up of abdominal and back muscle groups but weak, deep spinal muscles are usually responsible for structural weakness that triggers back pain.

According to Health Canada statistics, four out of five adults will experience an episode of back pain in their lifetime. If you’re not sure how to strengthen your core, contact Brett Mitsubata at 905.303.8768 for proper core training.


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