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Vince Tarantino: Invincible

October 14, 2011 by  
Filed under Special Features, Success Story

Vince TarantinoVince Tarantino can still recall the rough texture of what felt like rock bottom. It was 2005 and the frustration of being consumed with a roaring hunger for success, yet not a morsel of opportunity in sight, was painful. While he had triumphantly climbed the ranks in the banking sector from teller to mortgage sales representative in three short years, he was still financially fazed.

The daily defeats of door-knocking spurred sleepless nights and fears of not being able to feed his two young kids on a commission-based salary. “I just ran out of steam. I borrowed the last dollar I could on the credit card, borrowed the last dollar I could on the line of credit, couldn’t refinance my house anymore; I was down to the last drop,” he says of a situation that many Canadians face.

Weekends were the worst for Tarantino. While he would Read more