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Simon Waterson: International Man of Fitness

June 24, 2011 by  
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Simon WatersonRight from the parkour-inspired opening of Casino Royal, it was clear Daniel Craig was a new breed of Bond. Recklessly smashing through walls on a hectic construction site, viciously dragging a bomb maker through an embassy-turned-war-zone, and strutting around bare-chested, showing off his ripped new bod, it was obvious we were seeing a state-of-the-art 007. This brawny, muscle-bound Bond was thanks in part to Craig’s off-screen work ethic, but a nod certainly has to go to the insatiable drive and expert guidance of his personal trainer, Simon Waterson.

A former commando of the British Royal Navy, Waterson’s resolute determination, unrelenting motivation and incorporation of military philosophy into exercise has made him a leading man in Hollywood personal fitness. “That kind of philosophy suits the film business very, very well, because they’re very, very similar,” Read more

In Home Trainer Personal Trainers

October 14, 2010 by  
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In Home TrainerToo busy to hit the gym or eat healthy? In Home Trainer has the solution. Since 2002, In Home Trainer has been offering York Region residents enhanced full-body workouts from certified personal trainers in the comfort of their own home.

“Without the help, guidance and motivation of my personal trainer, I would not be where I am today!” says Robbie F., a client who lost 55 pounds from working with In Home Trainer.

For the best personal training and nutritional plans, call In Home Trainer today to get your first session free.

1.888.905.8724 Read more

Body Blast: Unlocking the Secrets to Your Inner Health

June 15, 2009 by  
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Private, personalized attention.

As a certified nutritionist, Linda Imbiscuso believes that every individual should tackle lifestyle change in a healthy way. “If a person lives with a health perspective instead of a weight perspective, they’ll be guaranteed quick results,” promises Linda, a health science specialist offering life-changing advice at one of Canada’s leading private personal training studios.

Specializing in the field of nutrition and fitness, Body Blast offers an ailment to the anxieties one may wrestle with when it comes to appearance, so that goals can be met in a safe, effective manner. With a priority on privacy and a personal approach to strength training, Body Blast makes it simple for you to reach your ambitions with confidence.  “If you are healthy on the inside, you will look fantastic on the outside,” assures Linda. Read more

Integrity Fitness: Kicking up Your Lifestyle

June 15, 2009 by  
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Looking for a fun and interactive way to shape up this summer?

Enter: Integrity Fitness. As an intensive training service that caters specifically to women, Integrity Fitness offers innovative programs that promise to have you looking and feeling fit in no time – as long as you stick to it! “It’s a fact,” says Integrity Fitness and Paul’s Boot Camp founder Paul Walker, “that over 80 per cent of all new fitness ventures end in failure and disappointment. If time is of the essence and leadership at a premium, make the right choice: save yourself time and get the most experienced professional.”

Providing over 100 indoor and outdoor boot camps, Integrity Fitness allows women to choose the method that best suits their workout style and personality. “I aim to restore confidence in my clients by helping them reach their goals,” says Walker, who was inspired to create his studio while visiting the fitness-savvy state of California. Read more