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Simon Waterson: International Man of Fitness

June 24, 2011 by  
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Simon WatersonRight from the parkour-inspired opening of Casino Royal, it was clear Daniel Craig was a new breed of Bond. Recklessly smashing through walls on a hectic construction site, viciously dragging a bomb maker through an embassy-turned-war-zone, and strutting around bare-chested, showing off his ripped new bod, it was obvious we were seeing a state-of-the-art 007. This brawny, muscle-bound Bond was thanks in part to Craig’s off-screen work ethic, but a nod certainly has to go to the insatiable drive and expert guidance of his personal trainer, Simon Waterson.

A former commando of the British Royal Navy, Waterson’s resolute determination, unrelenting motivation and incorporation of military philosophy into exercise has made him a leading man in Hollywood personal fitness. “That kind of philosophy suits the film business very, very well, because they’re very, very similar,” Read more

Movies. Music. Books… Feast your eyes and ears on these entertaining gems

August 20, 2009 by  
Filed under lifestyle

ent01. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
May 28, 10 | Director: Mike Newell
A prince and princess (played by the swoon-worthy Jake Gyllenhaal and genetically gifted Gemma Arterton, respectively) team up to protect the Sands of Time, a mythical gift from the gods, in this blockbuster adaptation of a video game. Heaps of action are guaranteed as Jerry Bruckheimer acts as producer.

2. The Box
Oct. 30, 09 | Director: Richard Kelly
What would you do if your child received a wooden box as a gift and you, the child’s parent, were informed that the touch of a button on the box would result in the acquisition of $1 million Read more