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Racing to the Heart of Tuscany

June 15, 2009 by  
Filed under Travel

In the 1953 movie Roman Holiday, Audrey Hepburn inspires audiences with her Vespa trip through Italy. Now, Italy by Vespa founders Stanley and Patsy Gallery from Denver, Colorado, bring that on-screen fantasy to life with a first-rate guided tour, where you can discover the beauty of a Tuscan countryside while cruising on a Ferrari-red Vespa ET4 over a seven-day span. Promising an unforgettable journey into the historical epicentre of Italy, your every sense will race from the passionate culture, cuisine, art and vestiges of Tuscany.

Most  often enough, couples looking to celebrate their love escape to the warm climate and laid-back atmosphere of a tropical resort. But in my case, commemorating my wedding anniversary with my husband demanded a bit more adventure, mixed in with Read more

Pedals of Incomparable Adventure

April 16, 2009 by  
Filed under Green Living, Travel

As the health and wellness industries boom, coupled with rising concerns for our planet’s well-being, vacations are taking a turn for the explorative.

No matter where you spend it, a run-of-the-mill beach vacation is loosing its allure. With physical activity and eco-awareness on the rise, people are seeking new routes when it comes to the ultimate getaway. It’s a trend that’s picking up speed, as travellers combine bicycling with voyages to distant lands, provided by first-rate tour companies.

Whether you seek to explore the Hawaiian volcanoes or venture along Croatia’s Dalmation Coast, Backroads can help. As one of the world’s largest active travel companies, Backroads specializes in feature bike tours all over the globe. “I simply Read more