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Gord Martineau, Kicking up Good Will

February 2, 2009 by  
Filed under Success Story

Gord Martineau doesn’t just sit back delivering the news – he’s making it. Back to work from a relaxing getaway in the sun, Martineau sits across from me in Citytv’s CityNews boardroom, perfectly calm and coiffed and clad in a black blazer and crisp dress shirt. Although he’s just a few short hours away from delivering the 6 o’clock news to his faithful viewers, Martineau retains his composure, thanks to his early-morning regime of cycling, weights and martial arts. The 60-year-old also reveals that he has a fourth-degree black belt.

The lively pulse of CityNews trickles through the boardroom’s thick double-doors, yet his energy is much more palpable. And this isn’t just because of his recent jaunt to sun-drenched Sarasota, Fla., Read more