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Dragon’s Den’s Brett Wilson

February 10, 2011 by  
Filed under Celebrity

Brett Wilson‘‘With great power comes great responsibility.” The first time I encountered this phrase I was seven years old with my nose buried deep in a Spider Man comic. At the time, I had absolutely no idea what it meant, just that it sounded pretty cool. Indeed, power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely – guess that’s where the responsibility comes in. There are many men tempted and corrupted by the seductive allure of financial conquest and the power it brings. Entrepreneur and television star Brett Wilson once walked this dangerous path, but unlike his ferocious fellow constituents, Wilson has evolved as an individual and become a beloved and big-hearted philanthropist known for his generous exploits and business prowess.

Today, Brett Wilson is a highly successful Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist and all-around good guy. He’s the Read more