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If You Think Your Children Need More, Think Again

April 12, 2012 by  
Filed under Ask the Expert

If You Think Your Children Need More, Think Again How much is too much to give your children? Consider this: for everything you give, you are taking something away. This applies to buying your teenager a new car, giving them a down payment on a home, or leaving them $100,000 when you die. The typical parent, at all income levels, imbibes the fiction that it is his or her responsibility to take away the struggle in their children’s lives. When parents assist their children frequently, it dulls the character, integrity, work ethic and socialization skills their children need to become responsible adults. The responsible and intentional parent makes an effort to contemplate, discuss and if possible, determine what life lessons will be missed if financial support or a gift is given.
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Northern Karate Schools: Dare to be Disciplined

February 10, 2011 by  
Filed under Health

Nothern KarateLooking for a great physical workout that also develops discipline and mental focus? Do you want an activity ideal for the whole family? Then Northern Karate Schools has the answer.

Established in 1972 by internationally renowned martial arts champion Cezar Borkowski, Northern Karate maintains a traditional philosophy of respect for others, and a practice of self-discovery and positive change. “It’s not just about punching and kicking. We’re about personal development. Once they start, our students are far more focused and tend to do better in school,” explains instructor and sixth-degree black belt Kyoshi Cos Vona. “I’ve had many, many families tell me they see a huge difference in their kids after just six months of karate.” Read more