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Falling Whistles: Democratic Republic of Congo Exposed

November 30, 2010 by  
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Falling-WhistlesRich orange flames dance across a striking African savannah in the continent’s heart. Serge Kaptegaine is trapped inside a burning house. The doors are locked, windows bolted shut. The only thing he’s certain of is that there is no escape. His fate lies miles away in the hands of the Western world, but no one can hear his cries. He clings to his only hope that someone, somewhere, is calling 911. “This is a small picture or idea that I can give you about the war,” says Kaptegaine of his psychological experience in the resource-rich, conflict-ravished Democratic Republic of Congo. “When I’m talking about fire, I’m talking about realities where you are tortured. I am talking about realities where for days you don’t even think about war, you don’t think about food. The only thing on your mind is ‘how am I going to be tomorrow or the next five minutes?’” Murder, rape and young children being used as human shields are ongoing impunities of a crisis that’s been deemed Africa’s World War. Read more

Sabatini Jewellery

December 1, 2008 by  
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With over 35 years of service, family-owned Sabatini Jewellery has provided its customers with friendly, reliable service. Walk into its new location and indulge yourself in stunning custom designs for a relaxing shopping experience. With a motto that life is too short for ordinary jewellery, its selection of distinctive elegant pieces are handcrafted with impressive coloured diamonds and gemstones.

Photo: White Gold & Diamond Ring from Sabatini Jewellery