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The Bowen Technique: You Don’t Have to Bend Over Backwards to Relieve Pain

January 29, 2010 by  
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Amber KorobkinaAmber Korobkina was a successful computer software trainer in her 20s, when a debilitating back injury altered her life. “I had lifted something that weighed way too much and I blew the discs in my lower back. I sat down because I thought it was the right thing to do at the time, but then I realized that I couldn’t stand up again,” says Korobkina, whose kids were two and five at the time.

After trying almost everything, medical professionals told Korobkina that her only other option was spinal surgery. “I was awaiting the surgery when a friend told me to try the Bowen Technique, which at the time was something I had never heard of. I figured I had nothing to lose,” says Korobkina, who felt immediate results after just one Bowen session. She was even able to dance the night away at a Christmas party – something she never thought would be possible. “I started going for more treatments and Bowen just turned everything around almost instantly. It was just life-changing,” says Korobkina.

An Australian man named Tom Bowen developed the Bowen technique in the ’50s, and today his gentle healing module is used worldwide by practitioners to help lessen the symptoms of an array of ailments such as asthma, sciatica, infertility, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), infantile colic, and insomnia. The procedure consists of a series of gentle yet precise movements on particular points of the body in an effort to stimulate energy flow.

Amazed by her own rapid recovery, Korobkina decided to trade her computer career in to be formally trained in the Bowen Technique. Today, she’s not only a certified Bowen practitioner and teacher at The Bowen College Inc., but also founder of the increasingly popular Let It Heal chain. “When people walk into my clinic, I’m not just there to help them, I know exactly how they feel, so if they’re not very friendly I know exactly why. I was there and I was pretty grumpy myself,” says Korobkina, who recently opened her fifth Let It Heal clinic in Toronto.

Korobkina encourages people who are skeptical to do their research on the Bowen Technique before making a decision. “It doesn’t really matter whether you believe in it at first or not. So many skeptics get back in touch with me and say, ‘OK fine, you win,’” she says. The Bowen Technique has been spreading rapidly across the world and Korobkina anticipates that it will garner even more recognition over the next few years.


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