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The Emirates A380: Flying In Style Has Never Been So Enjoyable.

June 15, 2009 by  
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Picture the experience that comes with a first-class ticket on a giant cruise ship. Luxurious amenities span throughout your stateroom, allowing for a blissfully comfortable voyage. Now imagine the same lavish surroundings aboard a plane – exactly what Emirates offers. The airline’s Airbus A380, the largest commercial aircraft in the world, has some of the most lush features for the refined flyer. Touching down for the first time in Toronto this June, media and VIP guests got a sneak peek at the double-decker, four-aisle aircraft which holds over 500 people.

Starting in economy class, each seat features more surrounding space, deeper recline, and a 23-inch widescreen television with more than 1,000 channels of on-demand movies. “If you have a buddy or family member sitting on a different part of the aircraft, you can interact with them by telephone or play video games together,” says Emirates station maintenance manager John Barnard. For a little more of an elite feel, the A380’s second level is more than a step up, with deluxe services beginning in business class. Individual mini-bars and wireless touch screens accompany every flatbed seat, which folds on command. “There are a lot of Wi-Fi controls that allow you to access the privacy screen, seat functions, and massage feature,” Barnard says.

The icing on the cake comes with an ultimate package in first class. Individual privacy suites flaunt a vanity table and wardrobe, separated by an electrically operated sliding door. An à-la-carte menu allows guests to choose from gastronomic treats like roasted lamb and salmon tartar. And for stroll-inclined flyers, a nearby cocktail lounge is equipped with an abundance of liqueurs and a personal bartender. But what makes Emirates the crown jewel of airlines is the A380’s exclusive shower spa. Private cabins allow passengers to bathe and shave 43,000 feet in the air, ensuring a squeaky-clean arrival.

Offering direct flights from Toronto to Dubai, Emirates has thought carefully about going the distance. The 550-tonne aircraft, with a wingspan wider than a football field, uses its size to circumvent turbulence and air noise. The result is an ultra-smooth, superbly comfortable ride.


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