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Cheryl Rosen – More than Skin Deep

June 13, 2012 by  
Filed under Beauty

More than Skin Deep
Time isn’t the only thing that ages and changes your skin. The sun is a major culprit when it comes to fine lines, wrinkles and altered pigmentation. “A person should look for an SPF of at least 30 and it should say broad spectrum, which means that it covers UVA, as well as UVB radiation,” says dermatologist Cheryl Rosen, national director of the Canadian Dermatology Association’s sun awareness program. “They can both damage DNA and they can both cause skin cancer.” The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends reapplying sunscreen every two hours, which is especially important during long periods of sun exposure. On how to prevent sunspots, Dr. Rosen suggests playing it safe. “Wear a hat, seek shade, and play your tennis game at nine in the morning instead of noon.”
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Georges St-Pierre: One On One With An MMA UFC Legend

June 15, 2009 by  
Filed under Success Story

Everyone has a dream. Most often, it’s tales of rags to riches that give people inspiration, driving them to be like a heroic protagonist. For anyone whose dream involves becoming the Welterweight Champion of the UFC, there’s one man who knows exactly what it takes. Rising to the top with an already soaring career, Georges St-Pierre, also referred to as GSP, is the ultimate example of a winning warrior and a living legend.

Growing up in the humble parish municipality of Saint-Isidore, Que., St-Pierre’s early life was far from easy. Simple things like going to school provided big challenges for the young fighter, forcing him to defend himself as early as the second grade. “To tell you the truth, I was really concerned back in the day about my ego and my image,” St-Pierre admits during a telephone interview. “Even though I knew I was going to get beat up when somebody was trying Read more