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Northern Karate Schools: Dare to be Disciplined

February 10, 2011 by  
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Nothern KarateLooking for a great physical workout that also develops discipline and mental focus? Do you want an activity ideal for the whole family? Then Northern Karate Schools has the answer.

Established in 1972 by internationally renowned martial arts champion Cezar Borkowski, Northern Karate maintains a traditional philosophy of respect for others, and a practice of self-discovery and positive change. “It’s not just about punching and kicking. We’re about personal development. Once they start, our students are far more focused and tend to do better in school,” explains instructor and sixth-degree black belt Kyoshi Cos Vona. “I’ve had many, many families tell me they see a huge difference in their kids after just six months of karate.”

Under the guidance of Borkowski, Vona’s disciplined attitude, strong work ethic and over 35 years of martial arts experience translates into a serious and successful school. “Unfortunately, a lot of places people go to are more about leisure and not about learning. But here, there’s nothing watered down – we teach the same curriculum to a child as we do to an adult. We’re serious about what we teach, and that’s what people really like,” says Vona.

On top of traditional group classes, seminars and workshops, Northern Karate offers a plethora of special programs, including a variety of traditional Okinawan weapons (Kubodo) training, self-defence classes such as Bully Proof® for kids and the street-oriented Reality Check®. Catering to families and individuals regardless of age or experience, Northern Karate offers a safe venue to relieve stress, aggression and
develop focus.

Although they’ve accumulated enough experience to fill several lifetimes, the instructors at Northern Karate are constantly working to enhance their abilities and improve their schools. “We get together and train with our head instructor, [Borkowski], every couple of weeks. We’re consistently training, honing and improving the curriculum,” says Vona. “We’ve been doing this since 1972. You can’t think of very many places – gyms or martial arts schools – that have been around for that long.”

For more on the phenomenal establishments, head over to the website or stop by one of 10 Northern Karate Schools throughout the GTA.

Aurora: 905.726.8886 / Maple: 905.303.5202 / Rutherford: 905.265.7777 Richmond Hill: 905.508.5811 / Woodbridge: 905.856.4047


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