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Animal Deaths, Natural Disasters and Climate Change

February 10, 2011 by  
Filed under lifestyle

Who CaresI’m bemused by North American’s attitude when it comes to the environment. All this selfish, narrow-minded and ignorant garbage about new cars, big screen TVs and steak on the barbeque is deplorable. When are we going to wake up, take responsibility and recognize the problems we cause?

This past year, the Earth was rocked by a wave of natural disasters that were greatly intensified by climate change. These included mass heat waves across the globe, droughts in Russia and flooding in Pakistan, China and Australia – the list goes on. There were 950 natural disasters recorded, well over the decade’s average of 785, and the second-worst year since 1980. Of course, disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis are out of our hands, but with our planet’s rising temperature, other disasters are being amplified and wildlife is at risk. Who cares, right? Read more