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Los Cabos: Between the Ocean and Sand

December 5, 2012 by  
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Los CabosThe morning sun begins its ascent, enticing a brilliant wash of new hues over the Pacific Ocean’s rising tide. To my left, a series of graceful white caps release as they kiss the shoreline. To my right, the endless desert expanse exhales with sublimity. The setting is Los Cabos, Mexico, but this isn’t any ordinary stroll along the beach. The once-in-a-lifetime view flashes into my frame from atop a camel’s back as he steadily meanders across a refined blanket of sand that glistens like silk.

This moving Baja experience is just one pinnacle of a multitiered outback and camel safari excursion conceived by Cabo Adventures. After saying good-bye to my new four-legged friend, I arrive at a local ranch to taste and savour delicious regional cuisine. From handmade tortillas to spicy salsas and beans, this culinary stop casts a spell on my palate. True to the flavours of Mexico, the stirring jaunt concludes on a spirited note with a tequila-tasting session. When I arrive back at the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Golf & Spa Resort, I feel alive, accomplished and in awe of all I’ve seen.

My excitement is eclipsed by a state of unparalleled relaxation bestowed by the SOMMA WineSpa at the Fie-sta Americana Grand Golf Resort. The massage I receive after sipping the house special is unique to any other. The oils and aromatherapy being used, such as the ever-popular wine mud, have the essence and aroma of a Mediterranean vineyard. I’m informed that these wine-based products consisting of pips and pulp benefit the body through antioxidants that are absorbed directly through the skin. This is my first time being exposed to what’s known as Vinotherapy, and I leave hoping it’s not my last.

Later, a tour of downtown San José del Cabo reveals a quiet, historic locale with a vibrant culture, sundry culinary scene and inspiring Spanish architecture. I roam the art district, which is entrenched in indigenous beauty, and discover a street lined with open doors that expose otherwise clandestine interiors burst-ing with innovative design. I end up at Don Sanchez Cantina restaurant to enjoy the delicious contemporary Baja fusion they’ve become known for. A combination of surf and turf, accompanied by live Mexican music and after-dinner salsa lessons carries me into the night.

With a destination as vibrant as Los Cabos, it’s impossible to point out all the treasures that exist between the vast ocean and sandy expanses, but if you take the time to explore, you might be amazed at what you’ll find.


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