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Salon Verve: Ahead of the Curve

October 14, 2011 by  
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Salon VerveWhile working at a bustling salon in Toronto in the late ’90s, Lenny Ferri met makeup artist Sabrina, who shared the same vision to bring that downtown verve to the city of Vaughan. Not only were they cutting their wedding cake a few years later, they were also cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of their new venture, appropriately named Salon Verve.

The newlyweds knew they were taking a big risk by leaving the security of a consistent influx of clients. According to Industry Canada, only 51 per cent of small businesses survive for five years, meaning all entrepreneurs are rolling a two-sided dice when deciding to begin a new business. Salon Verve is proud to be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and with an average of 100 clients per day, Ferri considers their company one of the lucky ones. “Sometimes we pinch ourselves.”

While luck may play a small role, it takes a lot more to effectively manage and maintain a business in such a highly competitive industry. In Salon Verve’s case, the Ferris believe that traffic is primarily driven by an emphasis on exceptional customer service. “There’s nothing pretentious about our place. Everybody is really, really friendly, and that starts with the way we hire people. We look for that genuine quality,” says Sabrina, who’s won several awards for her makeup talents. “It’s a great atmosphere.

It’s not just about getting your hair done – it’s really about getting the experience, finding somebody that you can trust and enjoy the company of,” adds seasoned colourist Ferri, who’s excited to introduce a new lineup of innovative ammonia-free hues this fall.

Winning North American Salon of the Year at the NAHA awards and Canadian Salon of the Year at the Contessas in 2005 were major milestones for Salon Verve. Since then, it has been called on to participate in hair shows and has become a recognized name in the industry. “That was the highlight of our company, and we really noticed the business change after that year,” he says.

From makeup to esthetics and of course an all-encompassing range of hair services, the Ferris have successfully achieved their goal of bringing Verve to the streets of Vaughan.


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