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People for Good: Be Nice

July 14, 2011 by  
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People for Good InitiativeCanada is known around the world for having some of the nicest people. However, we too can forget to be kind, bogged down by busy schedules and stressful situations. Now there’s a group of Canadians embarking on a social movement – all as a reminder to be friendly.

Who are they you ask? They are you and me, and it’s as easy as flashing a smile to a stranger before you’re hooked on paying it forward with positive deeds. People for Good, an organization diligently thinking up pain-free ways of making someone’s day, is getting fellow Canadians rallied up about creating opportunity to do some good.

Be prepared to witness them pick up paper towels off the floor of public restrooms and offer their seat on the subway. Pass them on the street and they’ll wish you a good afternoon while extending a hand for a high-five. Their only goal is to encourage the nation to be a nicer place. And that’s more than enough to make us happy.

While paying it forward is a concept inherent to the universe, the People for Good initiative was introduced on June 29 in Canada, led by a team of creative and media experts. Humorous posters that challenge Canadians to have a generous spirit will run to August 21st, 2011.

“Each of us can do something to make Canada a better place with a simple donation of kindness, one good deed at a time,” said co-founder Zak Mroueh in a news release.

People for Good is founded on the belief that selfless, small deeds make an enormous contribution to the community, with a lasting impression that has the capabilities to make for a better Canada. “Simply put, that message is – be aware of those around you, be nice to them,” Mroueh said.

So go ahead, thank the bus driver for the lift – only good can come from it.

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