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Backyard Escapes with Prima Lighting

June 24, 2011 by  
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Prima LightingWhen the sun goes down, playtime begins, and what better place to get the good times rolling than in the privacy of your backyard? Without proper lighting, however, your once-exciting celebration can turn into a shadowy game of Marco Polo. With the right luminosity, this outdoor locale can become an intimately lit escape.

There once was a time when you strung some patio lanterns here, threw a spotlight there – no big deal. Today, the team at Prima Lighting understands that the art of illumination takes more than arbitrary lamp placement. “You have to be very careful with the number of lights and where they’re positioned,” says Luca Filice, co-owner of Prima Lighting. “Every light has it’s own job and it’s own unique style.”

Lighting should blend into the surrounding, feel organic and not obstruct movement. Whether employing landscape-irradiating spotlights, ground-lining well lights, walkway-illuminating path lights, or simple wall-mount fixtures, arrangement is key. “It’s important to use the right light for the right application, obviously not to over do it and do it in a subtle way,” adds Filice.

“It has more to do with lifestyle; with how you’re going to use your backyard,” says Filice’s partner, Sam Folino. “Let’s organize the lighting around that, figure out how the lights will function and then work out the set-up.”

The right lighting can transform backyards into a romantic rendezvous or a mystical engagement, and with Prima Light’s award-winning showroom, in-house or on-site consultation, an incandescent and passionate staff will surely enlighten you.

Q: How would you achieve a modern look to your backyard with lighting?
A: “Well, first you’re going to have modern landscaping and modern décor, so I would highlight the focal points. You’re going to be layering the lights according to how the backyard is designed. The pathways would be lit up; if there is a pool that would be lit up as well. If a customer has a waterfall, there are LED lights that go on a waterfall that can change colours. If there’s a tree you’re going to up-light the trunk of the tree only, and that will go up. Sometimes you might silhouette the shadow of the tree on the house. There are so many possibilities.”


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