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100 Ways to Live to a Century

October 14, 2010 by  
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100 ways

Although living to 100 may seem unachievable to many, life expectancy in Canada is at an all-time high. According to Statistics Canada, men live to an average age of 78.3, and women to 83. Being conscious of the lifestyle choices you make today can extend the duration of your life in the future. Here are 100 ways to help you live longer and happier.

1. Take nothing for granted.
2. Accept your mistakes … everyone makes them.
3. Relax and detoxify your mind with meditation, hot yoga and tai chi.
4. Have a best friend. Camaraderie promotes happiness and can offer an avenue to vent frustrations.
5. Avoid greasy foods. They lack nutrition and will cause health problems down the road (common knowledge but still a problem).
6. Read a book (or 12).
7. Challenge yourself by testing your limits – you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.
8. Go for a swim. It’s both refreshing and a great workout.
9. Don’t be jealous. Avoid fighting. Arguments are a massive waste of energy and a good way to create needless stress.
10. Crunch those abs. Sit-ups develop abdominal muscles and cut down on belly fat. Less fat means lower risk of heart disease.
11. Wash your hands.
12. Have a cup of coffee. Recent studies show that drinking coffee may lower the risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and colon cancer.
13. Keep a journal.
14. Eat more vegetables: Studies show veggies protect against all major degenerative illnesses. Try and get those five servings in a day.
15. Say an inspirational phrase to yourself every morning.
16. Eat foods high in antioxidants; especially berries and beans. Drink green tea.
17. Learn a new language to exercise your brain.
18. Wake up early and with a purpose.
19. Be sociable.
20. Limit your meat intake. Diets high in red meat increase the risk of colorectal cancer.
21. Take adequate vitamin C and D.
22. Consider wood floors or area rugs for your home. Carpeted homes contain more allergens.
23. With moderation in mind, alcoholic beverages such as red wine can lessen the risk of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and several other diseases.
24. Say “thank you” more; and really mean it.
25. Don’t stop learning. Build different skills and don’t settle for a single career – it’s both tiresome and limits
your potential.
26. Help others.
27. To lessen your risk of heart disease or stroke, choose calcium-rich vegetables like bok choy and broccoli. Milk also does the body good.
28. Avoid caffeine.
29. Quit smoking … do you really need reasons?
30. Join a club or group. Research from The University of Chicago indicates that lonely people have trouble dealing with stress and are at a greater risk for heart disease.
31. Get your daily dose of folic acid. It helps prevent heart disease and can be found in leafy vegetables, carrots, egg yolk, beans and store-bought supplements.
32. Laugh more often. Laughter releases endorphins in the brain and makes us feel better. These endorphins are also thought to improve our body’s immune response.
33. Spend time alone. Set aside time for yourself and step back from your hectic day.
34. Break a bad habit.
35. Stop being a follower. Find your own way; don’t just walk in others’ shoes.
36. Try being a follower. If you have the need for constant control, let go of the reins occasionally so as not to take on every burden.
37. Love.
38. Go on an adventure, even if it’s just a little one. A little excitement could be just what you need.
39. Be honest.
40. Get a pet.
41. Cut down on TV time … or cut it out completely. Look for more stimulating activities.
42. Play a game that requires thought and calculation: Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, Sudoku.
43. Make promises and keep them.
44. Broken window or dent in a wall?  Fixing it yourself is a good avenue for self-empowerment and another way to get some exercise.
45. Take the odd Monday off.
46. Eat low-fat, portioned meals regularly to help you stay fit and maintain your metabolism.
47.  Touch your significant other. Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that 10 minutes of contact with your mate can help keep blood pressure down.
48. Make friends at work.
49. Go for a walk. You never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet.
50. Take a bath. It relaxes muscles and helps you sleep at night.
51. Limit your salt intake.
52. Stop complaining.
53. Have sex to keep the fire between you and your spouse.
54. Fill your home with objects that are supportive: pictures of friends, trophies or awards, memorabilia from special events.
55. Take out frustrations with physical activity (jogging, sports, etc.)
56. Drink cranberry juice. According to scientists at The University of Scranton, 100 per cent juice that’s at least 27 per cent cranberry will help cut heart-disease risk by almost 40 per cent.
57. Compliment yourself.
58. Try a random act of kindness. This makes you feel good and lets others know they are cared for.
59. See your doctor for a yearly checkup, as well as for mammograms or prostrate exams.
60. Eat organic fruits and vegetables to avoid higher levels of pesticide residue.
61. Feel young and happy by spending time with children.
62. Take an extra moment. Don’t rush – breath and take your time.
63. Follow your passion. If it makes you happy, then it’s important.
64. Family is vital. Put aside petty family feuds.
65. Don’t waste time. If you’re a procrastinator, try and take advantage of every moment.
66. Chew your food. Eating too fast can cause indigestion, as an enzyme found in saliva is needed for digestion.
67. Listen to critics. This can help improve our work and ourselves.
68. Live for today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet, so why worry?
69. Enjoy the little things.
70. Reconnect with an old friend.
71. Fit exercise into your daily routine like taking the stairs.
72. Focus on the positive. Dwelling on the negative is counterproductive. Find the good in your situation and make the best of it.
73. Eating out tonight? Order a salad. You can still eat healthy at a restaurant.
74. Try rowing. It uses a large group of muscles and is a superior cardio workout compared to just jogging.
75. Get seven hours of sleep. It will make you feel rested and help lower the risk of heart disease.
76. If something is causing you needless stress, get rid of it.
77. Don’t sulk through life – smile as much as you can.
78. Set goals and work towards them.
79. Fix your posture. Sit up straight and don’t shy away from the chiropractor.
80. Wear sensible shoes. Heels can be uncomfortable and result in stress fractures and back problems.
81. Don’t neglect your oral health. Brushing twice a day fights plaque and prevents tooth decay. And don’t forget to go to the dentist every six months.
82. Try acupuncture. Studies show that it activates endorphins that relieve stress and help you relax.
83. Apologize. If you’ve wronged someone, tell them you’re sorry.
84. Become a mentor. Whether a child or an adult, be a positive guiding force in the lives of others.
85. Volunteer. Why not give back to the community, especially with a charitable foundation?
86. Conquer a fear.
87. Organize a party for all your close family and friends.
88. Get outside and enjoy the artwork of nature by watching the sun set.
89. Tell others how important they are in your life.
90. Disconnect. Turn off your iPhone and ignore your e-mails – you don’t need to always be on-call.
91. Put your favourite album on and just enjoy the music.
92. Take up a new hobby.
93. Married people tend to live longer and have better mental health – don’t be afraid to tie the knot.
94. Treat yourself. A little goodie once in a while never hurt anyone – just don’t make unhealthy snacking a regular occurrence.
95. Remember how much fun you used to have as a child? Try to recapture that now by playing outside!
96. Get some culture. Try a film festival or art show.
97. Cut back on using harsh chemicals indoors (i.e. cleaning fluids)
98. Drink more water to hydrate your body and avoid the extra calories and sugar found in pop and juice.
99. If you feel lost, ask for help. Even if it’s just friendly advice, you’re not alone in the world.
100. Carpe Diem!


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