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Joanna Cacciola-Lionti: The Next Local and Regional Councillor

October 14, 2010 by  
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Joanna Cacciola-LiontiWith a professional demeanour, welcoming smile and unwavering determination, Joanna Cacciola-Lionti hopes to be your next local and regional councillor. With strength and confidence, she is a woman who sees the problems in Vaughan and refuses to ignore them. “I want our city to be admired and respected, not to be laughed at. You should be proud to call your city home.”

Believing that transparency is essential for politics, Cacciola-Lionti feels it’s time to bring Vaughan back to the people. “The city really belongs to the residents. We need to move forward: turn the page, look at the past, learn from it and move on.”

Cacciola-Lionti touches on the various problems of infrastructure, social services and an unaccountable government. She also voices frustration over traffic congestion and poor public transportation; lack of a communal hospital; and the negative media attention the city of Vaughan often receives. As a Vaughan resident for 27 years and owner of her own successful business in Vaughan, Cacciola-Lionti knows how to make the community bloom. She is no stranger to the art and science of government, having dove into the political arena at a young age.

“I couldn’t wait until I turned 18 and was able to exercise the right to vote. I’ve always been passionate about politics. I’ve worked at election polls, campaigns and with various representatives of government. I knew that one day I would be representing the people of Vaughan,” reveals Cacciola-Lionti, who, having studied languages and political science, graduated with a B.A. from the University of Toronto.

This passion for politics guided her during two successful terms as trustee of the York Region District School Board representing the city of Vaughan from 1997 to 2003.

In 2003 and 2006, she decided to run for local and regional councillor. “Now is the time for change. I want to bring my experience and work ethics to city hall.” She encourages all residents, from young to old, not to be discouraged by the frustrating world of politics by pushing them to get involved – to vote October 25, 2010 – and make the difference. “Together, we will create a better future for Vaughan.”

“We must connect with future generations, because if they’re not connected to the city, then who are we leaving it to? It’s important that our youth get involved.”

A Vision For Vaughan
Learning from the mistakes of past administrations while still keeping an eye on the future, Joanna Cacciola-Lionti hopes to bring transparency back to local government by keeping the community involved. She calls for better infrastructure that is both safe and eco-friendly; a city hospital – one that is long overdue – and a strong economy that ensures employment opportunities for local residents. Her vision of Vaughan is one of honesty, safety and prosperity: a city where residents can trust their government, feel safe on both roads and in neighborhoods, and be proud to call it home.

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