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Web Design Store: Surfing for Success

October 14, 2010 by  
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Web Design StoreBy 2009, there were an estimated 234 million websites. Translation: there is a lot of tough competition out there. So how can a budding entrepreneur or established but out-of-date businessperson compete with their opposition? Enter Web Design Store, a Toronto web development firm with a premise – and promise – to solve all your web design woes with industry expertise and experience. Established by Dolce Publishing Inc. co-founder Fernando Zerillo, Web Design Store is a one-stop shop that makes it simple for business owners and professionals to connect to untapped target groups with the latest technology. “Everyone is using the Internet to gain information, communicate, socialize and purchase,” says web developer Steve Bruno. The question is, which of the 1.73 billion worldwide Internet users are logging on to your website?

A recent Statistic Canada report showed that our nation spent $15.1 billion in goods and services online in 2009 – a notable jump from three years ago. With billions of potential clients at your fingertips, representing your company with an effective online platform is key in today’s market. A successful website equals a profitable business. “A website attracts new clients and will strengthen relationships with existing clients. If you’re selling products online, a website will prove to be a large revenue stream as well,” says Bruno.

Open 24 hours a day, Web Design Store caters to small and medium-sized businesses in a range of industries and gives them a major advantage over competitors.

By incorporating strategic, up-to-date techniques that vault businesses to online success, Web Design Store creates and strengthens online visibility and identities for its clients. An example of this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which uses key words aimed at specific audiences to increase searchability and raise profiles near the top of Google search lists. You might have the right ideas, the best products or the finest services to offer, but unless you utilize valuable SEO tools, your business will effectively remain invisible.

Because Web Design Store synchronizes its services with modern-day needs, its websites are compatible with the latest mobile standards. “Smart phones are dominant platforms for accessing the web,” says Bruno. “The technology that is chosen for your website must be mindful of these small screened devises.”

With a team of technical experts by your side, Web Design Store will build your very own 24-hour salesperson, which will sell your brand after hours and while you sleep.

Q&A with Web Design Store Founder Fernando Zerillo:
Q: How long will I have to wait before I can expect to see my traffic and visibility improve?
A: It takes approximately six months to see a significant improvement in site traffic and visibility. Search Engine Optimization is not only essential to a site’s success, it is crucial to its livelihood.

Q: How can social networking links improve my site?
A: By adding social recommendation links to your site, more users will have the opportunity to share your products or services with friends. This process will ultimately help drive traffic back to your site.

Q: How important is it to frequently update my website with fresh content?
A: By frequently adding keyword-rich content to your site, you are increasing the probability for potential clients to find you. People use keywords to locate your site via search engines. The amount of new content you serve will determine the popularity of your business as your website takes the top spot on a search page.

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