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Grapeland Tour: Fine Wines and their Companions

August 4, 2010 by  
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Angels Gate1. Angels Gate Winery Founded by a group of friends who share a common love of wine, this picturesque, bountiful winery was founded on land that once belonged to the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of Christian Charity in Ontario.

2. Closson Chase Set in Hillier, Ont., this estate has truly stood the test of time and now provides some of the richest, best-tasting wines in Canada. Founded in a purple barn in 2000 by viticulturalist and winemaker Deborah Paskus, Closson Chase is a French-inspired winery devoted to making the purest of wines. Book an appointment to visit its beautiful grounds and sip some bold, layered, rich Chardonnay or other aged, complex wine flavours.

3. Bruschetta Delicious wine paired with a scrumptious snack makes a great savoury combination and Niagara seems to be rich in ingredients for both. Try making some distilled bruschetta with fresh, market Niagara tomatoes to munch on while sipping your wine.

4. While touring or tasting, show off your love of all the red, white, sparkling and sweet wines with this cute button that sports a fun-loving message about indulging in the finest of vinos. Pin it on your shirt, hat or bag to help you get into the spirit of exploring the many delicious tastes of wonderful wines.

5. Niagara Wine Festival From Sept. 17-26, the largest wine festival in Canada brings together thousands of curious and seasoned wine lovers to take part in over 100 entertaining activities. Through its exciting winery tours, seminars and tastings, fine Niagara cuisine and one of the country’s largest street parades, you should stop by the Niagara Wine Festival if you are looking to sample and experience some of the finest wines available.

6. Konzelmann Estate Winery Established in Canada in 1984, this Niagara Lakefront Winery is known for having one of the most inviting and educational experiences in Niagara’s wine country. Konzelmann Estate Winery gives visitors the chance to experience a boutique and tasting bar of over 30 different selections of their superb wine, as well as the opportunity to venture through its family vineyard and learn about their traditional wine-making techniques that have been used for over a century.

7. Strawberry Jam Niagara is not only known for its wine. Niagara jam, made from fresh, locally grown fruit, is a sweet delicacy that can be used as a tasty topping on a number of biscuits and sweet treats that nicely complement your straight-from-the-vine beverage.

8. Beretta Organic Farm Caring for the Earth’s well-being, as well as our health is Beretta Organic Farms. As a family run farm, Beretta believes healthy food can also taste good. They are located in Etobicoke and never use chemicals in their cropping, or growth promoters for their livestock. Beretta is committed to making organic food an accessible option.

9. At some point before or after your wine tour, be sure to stop off and experience the vast variety of enticing, fresh, homegrown and locally produced fruits, vegetables, desserts, foods and sauces that Niagara has to offer.

10. Niagara Cooks Enjoy your fine wine in the company of others. To whip up mouth-watering, desserts, dishes and appetizers to serve to your guests alongside their tasty glasses of red or white, look no further than the pages of Niagara Cooks. This book features tons of delightful and easy-to-make recipes that use fresh Niagara farm market fruits and vegetables, country meats and poultry.


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