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Books to Entertain and Enlighten

January 29, 2010 by  
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Books MarchDo a little soul-searching with these unique book finds. With creative How-Tos to help you add beauty to your home life, and a true story of embracing marriage to add warmth to your love life, these reads will lift your spirits for the new year.

Stitchy Kitty Fuzzy Puppy By Ayako Otsuka
Stitching is easy with the help of Stitchy Kitty Fuzzy Puppy. With adorable patterns in all different sizes, you can adorn all of your favourite things with plush puppies and friendly felines. Once you’ve got the hang of it, draw on your new skills to embellish a tablecloth with these furry friends or try embroidering your favourite blouse or T-shirt!

Committed By Elizabeth Gilbert
When we left our beloved Elizabeth Gilbert at the close of her bestselling memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, she had finally found love with Felipe, a Brazilian-born man of Australian citizenship who had been living in Indonesia when they met. Resettling in America, the couple swore to be faithful to each other but to never get married. But when the U.S. government informs Felipe that he must wed or leave the country, Gilbert must tackle her fears of matrimony by deconstructing the perplexing subject. Gilbert examines questions of compatibility, infatuation, fidelity, social expectations and divorce risks on her enlightening, page-turning journey.

One-Yard Wonders By Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins
Spend some time with your creative side with a little help from craft connoisseurs Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. In their new book, the design duo helps you turn a simple yard of fabric into a sturdy shopping tote, a plush dinosaur, and even some adorable children’s wear. With creative ideas, easy instructions and a special pull-out pocket filled with pattern pieces, this book will have you sewing your way to an organized, colourful life.

Hugs and Kisses
Introduce your little one to the world of reading with this enchanting first book about love. The bright colours will instantly grab your baby’s attention, and exciting textures to touch and feel will make them want to read it over and over again.

Feng Shui for Modern Living By Stephen Skinner
Bringing harmony, health and happiness into your home might be easier than you thought. Stephen Skinner takes us beyond the placement of furniture, decorating elements, and the assurance of unhampered positive energy flow to help us reap the bountiful benefits of feng shui. With 200 stunning photos and a wealth of advice, you will discover the revitalizing powers of this timeless tradition and use them to create balance and tranquility in your life.


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