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Northern Karate Schools: Taking Karate to a Whole New Level

June 15, 2009 by  
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The ancient practice of the martial arts has transcended time, becoming a respected discipline and a leader in today’s health and fitness market.

A great way to gain strength and agility, martial arts can have a life-altering effect on both young and old, instilling the invaluable virtues of respect, commitment, and perseverance.

“Karate is much more than just kicking and punching; it takes ordinary people and shows them how to do extraordinary things,” says Cos Vona, a director of Northern Karate Schools.

With 10 locations serving the GTA, Northern Karate Schools help thousands of students enjoy the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of karate and kobudo (ancient weapons practice), through many multi-faceted programs that are available seven days a week, year-round. Following the mantra of “strong mind, strong body and strong spirit,” Northern Karate integrates each aspect into its curriculum, granting its students resilient inner and outer strength.

One such program is the Bully Proof system, which helps to resolve the prominent issue of bullying within schools by equipping young children with the skills they need to protect and believe in themselves. “The program does not condone violence, it just gives the child confidence in themselves, so they don’t become targets of bullying,” explains Vona.

In addition to its self-defence benefits, karate can also improve concentration, which in turn can boost school performance in youth, and work productivity among adults. “When you’re on a treadmill, your mind is still running through your problems, but martial arts requires you to be there in the moment, and to be completely focused,” says the 6th degree black belt.

Founded in 1972, by international champion, author, lecturer and 9th degree black belt Cezar Borkowski, Northern Karate Schools continues to provide men, women and children with the opportunity to maximize their potential through martial arts study. The schools have highly trained and qualified instructors with decades of experience, ready to impart their vast knowledge onto their eager students.


By incorporating an aerobic warm-up, calisthenics and explosive anaerobic techniques, martial arts is considered the “#1 calorie burning activity,” according to the summer 2009 edition of Fit Parent magazine’s Top 10 exercise activities.

The mind receives stimulation as constant concentration, and focus is required to perform various self-defence, stretching and breathing techniques.

Finally, the student acquires a sense of accomplishment, stress release and peace of mind, which benefits the spirit.


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