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App Yourself: Helpful smartphone apps

June 24, 2011 by  
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AppsSince the launch of the iPhone, “app” has become a buzzword all-to-familiar with today’s wired generation. To complement your connected life in the city, we’ve compiled this handy list of essential apps to keep your thumbs busy.

Kiss those piles of business cards goodbye and say hello to Bump. A quick means of trading information, Bump allows users to swap everything from phone numbers, emails and photos, or even become Facebook friends. Bumpers simply select what info they wish exchanged and gently “bump” phones together. Presto! Information exchanged. This free digital Rolodex also allows free texting between users.

Out on the town and looking for a quick bite to eat? Yelp is a handy app that pinpoints nearby restaurants for your perusal. Browse listed eateries by vicinity and price, and see what others think through Yelp’s budding assortment of customer reviews. Like what you taste? Write your own review. This freebie can even search out other handy businesses like gas stations and drugstores.

Much like Facebook and Twitter, Foursquare is a great way of keeping friends up-to-date on all your adventures. However, this free app allows users to “check-in” at various locations, providing suggestions and tips from other users who frequent that site. Visit a locale enough and become its “mayor” – a privilege that occasionally rewards you with discounts.

Lose It!
Yearning to shed a few pounds this summer? Lose It! might be the app to fulfill that longing. Just enter your info, the target weight you would like to achieve, how many pounds you want to lose per week, and Lose It! formulates a convenient calorie budget. Stay on top of your food-intake financing with this free calorie-counting gem.

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