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Body Blast: Unlocking the Secrets to Your Inner Health

June 15, 2009 by  
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Private, personalized attention.

As a certified nutritionist, Linda Imbiscuso believes that every individual should tackle lifestyle change in a healthy way. “If a person lives with a health perspective instead of a weight perspective, they’ll be guaranteed quick results,” promises Linda, a health science specialist offering life-changing advice at one of Canada’s leading private personal training studios.

Specializing in the field of nutrition and fitness, Body Blast offers an ailment to the anxieties one may wrestle with when it comes to appearance, so that goals can be met in a safe, effective manner. With a priority on privacy and a personal approach to strength training, Body Blast makes it simple for you to reach your ambitions with confidence.  “If you are healthy on the inside, you will look fantastic on the outside,” assures Linda.

Giancarlo Imbiscuso, personal trainer and kinesiologist, and Linda Imbiscuso, certified nutritionist and health science specialist.

An experienced certified personal trainer, and Ontario-registered kinesiologist, Giancarlo Imbiscuso introduces a variety of customized exercise sessions to meet your physical fitness objectives, all in a comfortable and hospitable environment. “It’s not a one-fits-all approach,” says Giancarlo. “By designing programs that are constantly changing, our clients will successfully overcome all their plateaus,” he explains.

You won’t have to worry about unrealistic weight-loss fads, gimmicks or dietary restrictions, as the Imbiscuso experts at Body Blast will educate you on proper food combinations. This means that you don’t have to eliminate all the foods you love, but instead, learn how to eat them in moderation.  A one-of-a-kind studio, Body Blast’s secrets to a personalized menu and exercise plan will be revealed, so that your body’s fitness will be maximized to its greatest potential.
Body Blast is open 6 days a week, with all sessions booked by appointment only.
4370 Steeles Ave. W. Unit 22
Woodbridge, ON


Believe it or not, lifting weights requires a lot of effort, which translates to burning calories. Before you know it, you will have dropped two dress sizes. It may take longer to lose weight the right way, but maintaining the results will be that much easier!
– Giancarlo Imbiscuso


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