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Money Issues — Moving into the Right Mortgage

February 2, 2009 by  
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Some say luck breeds success, but Alex Haditaghi knows nothing of that. The fortune of his company hails from savvy business acumen and a driving spirit that is triggering his triumphs at every turn. Lifting his company to smouldering heights, Haditaghi is the chairman and CEO of MortgageBrokers.Com (MBC), which revealed late last year a mouth-dropping revenue growth of 4,000 per cent over the span of just three years. “I am very confident for where we are and where we’re going. MBC was Canada’s fastest-growing merchant company last year, and we’re going to continue with the tremendous growth we have,” says Haditaghi, 34.

With its stellar performance in an economy impregnated with a fiscal crisis, MBC continues to flourish as a leading mortgage broker network in Canada. Setting itself apart from the rest, MBC’s agents consult with you on how to establish, build and improve your credit, so that you can be steered towards a mortgage you can handle. “The best action for people who want to buy a home is to consult with an agent and see if they qualify,” explains Haditaghi. “Our job is to communicate with every customer – whether it’s online or in person – to find out what their unique needs are and match them with the right lender.”

Plugging in 90-hour weeks with barely enough time to take a vacation, Haditaghi leads with distinction and minds the vision and expansion of his company, hiring, capital resources and establishing corporate policy. “Most of the time we offer one percent or more off the banks’ rates,” says the entrepreneurial hit.

Since its debut in 2005, MBC has formed a strategic partnership with RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic, has gone public, and its pool of mortgage consultants has swelled from 50 to an astounding 500 well-experienced agents. “We have professionals that handle thousands of mortgage applications every year. It’s not just about the rate, it’s about the program and lots of other things involved in getting the
right mortgage for the right person,” says Haditaghi.

Heading the way with sound business decisions, Haditaghi is making all the right moves. “As a company, part of our growth strategy is to grow organically and through acquisitions. We’re really careful about what we do, especially when it came to investing in the U.S., ” explains Haditaghi, who delayed his plans to enter the U.S. market because of the financial crisis.

A visionary at heart, Haditaghi was barely a teenager when he first discovered his penchant for the industry he flawlessly excels at today. “When you’re an entrepreneur like myself, you try to be patient, but it’s really not in your blood. You try to be aggressive and want to grow the company as much as possible. I’ve grown as my business has grown,” says Haditaghi.


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