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Injections, Ejections: The H1N1 Enigma

December 3, 2009 by  
Filed under Health

Health0Over the last couple of months, hello-kisses and pleasantries of ‘how are you?’ and ‘can you believe this weather’ have been replaced by distant smiles and rhetoric fringed with panic and utter confusion. All this – while worshiped Purell dispensers of a palpable deity status not seen since SARS’s heyday, oust Holy Water at religious gatherings.

Since health officials declared in October the ‘Second Wave’ of a pandemic that was first reported in Mexico this past spring – the 2009 flu pandemic, a.k.a. swine flu and politically appropriate, H1N1 influenza virus – the hottest topic these days is whether to sink or swim with the biggest mass vaccination program that has sloshed and frothed onto Canadian shores. Read more

Dr. Janine Bowring Book Launch

December 1, 2008 by  
Filed under People & Places

Dr. Janine Bowring was busy signing copies of her new book The Healthy Millionaire, published by Dolce Book Publishing Inc., at her book launch Nov. 20, 2008. A certified naturopathic doctor, her book is a guide for millionaires or aspiring millionaires to keep their bodies in the same shape as their bank account. An informative guide to physical and mental health, filled with excellent tips on how to live an overall fulfilling life.

Photo: Dr. Janine Bowring’s advice on health and finance