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Angry? Listen Up!

January 29, 2010 by  
Filed under Health

Angry_ManYou wake up with a guttural groan and smack your alarm clock into submission. Round 1 ends in a knockout. The shower blasts you with cold water, inspiring a ghastly shriek filled with indignation. But just before you tell the shower head where to go, you hear one heck of a descriptive curse word echoing from the bedroom: your wife just stubbed her toe. That bedpost had it coming for a long time.

The drive to work begins innocently enough, until the driver in the car ahead of you suddenly decides he is going to turn left at the last second, leaving you trapped and helpless at the intersection. Oooh, this guy’s really asking for it! Then you turn on the radio for consolation only to be walloped with five straight minutes of commercials. On every station! Read more