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Bullfrog Power: A Hop for Green Energy

April 16, 2009 by  
Filed under Green Living

With everything we know about pollution and the environment, it’s clear we need to take control. In every major city around the globe, humankind consumes the Earth’s resources to exhaustion. And if we don’t wake up and smell the fumes, it may one day be too late. When it comes to ensuring our survival, the question is: Where do we start? For homeowners and businesses in Ontario, one solution is finally here, and it comes in the shape of a little green amphibian.

Established just four years ago, Bullfrog Power has become a leading provider of 100 per cent green electricity in the province. “We give people the choice to buy from renewable resources like wind and small hydro,” says president and co-founder Tom Heintzman. “It’s a choice for people looking to reduce their negative environmental impact, and help promote renewable power.” With the help of Bullfrog’s Read more