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April 16, 2009 by  
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We are what we do, said a wise Aristotle; so let’s acquaint ourselves with the consequences of our existence. Navigate through the environmental calamities affecting our world and discover the impenetrable connection between the planet’s poor health and how we choose to live.

*Due to the graphic content found in some of the featured videos, viewer discretion is advised.

1. Meet Your Meat
A disturbing look into the process of raising animals for human consumption reveals gut-wrenching methods of torture. The next time you sink your teeth into filet mignon, think of how your food was injected with antibiotics; mutilated and castrated, starved, beaten and scalded to death, just before it landed on your plate.

2. Whose Skin are you in?
Ever wonder why PETA often lambastes celebrities in the media for wearing fur and leather? Familiarize yourself with the violent industry of murdering animals in the name of fashion.

3. Coastal Dead Zones Grow
A NASA oceanographer swims through the perils of ocean ‘dead zones’ and the death of marine life, caused by storm run-offs full of fertilizers, fossil fuels and other toxic elements that seep into our river systems.

4. Why are Bees Disappearing?
The sting of disappearing bees has agricultural officials and beekeepers worried that insecticides and pesticides are the reason for colony collapse disorder. Because the key to keeping fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables on our table depends on bees pollinating our crops, one third of our food is in jeopardy.


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