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Let it Grow

April 12, 2012 by  
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Let it GrowIn most Canadian gardens, there is too much clay or sand content, say experts in this field. Both are responsible for a compromised growing environment – and that spells frustration for those of us who work hard to grow flowers, tomatoes, vegetables and fruit.

“For plant roots to thrive, they need a proper balance of moisture, nutrition and aeration,” says Syd Pell at Miracle-Gro. “Clay soil is dense and heavy, with tiny pores, so the oxygen level is low. Water cannot readily pass through, causing drainage problems that essentially drown the plant. At the other extreme, sandy soil has large pores and is low in organic matter, making it difficult to retain nutrients as water drains away far too quickly. If the roots can’t get sufficient water and oxygen to transport nutrients, the plants will shut down.”

Pell points out that because most Canadian homes sit on clay or sandy soil, creating an improved growing environment became a priority for the Miracle-Gro research and development scientists. He says that years of study and testing has resulted in an innovative new product called Expand ‘n Gro. With just a single application, this soil mix can turn native soils, like clay and sand, into lighter, fluffier, more fertile soil.

“Can you imagine your garden with up to three times more vegetables and flowers and much larger plants?” he asks. “Those results – including tomato yields that are up to 12 times more plentiful
– are recorded in field tests of the
new product.”

Pell explains the nature of Expand ‘n Go as a planting mix for use in both containers and in-ground gardens. It contains Miracle-Gro plant food and coir – a sponge-like fibre derived from coconut husks. Once watered, these fibres expand up to three times their size. When mixed with a base soil, this creates up to 90 per cent more air space and makes the soil up to 40 per cent lighter. “This will improve aeration, moisture retention and drainage, giving nearby plant roots what they need
to thrive.”

Expand ‘n Gro is also light to work with. One small bag does the job of a sack of planting mix three times its size. Gardeners can spread a one-inch layer of Expand ‘n Gro on top of the native soil and mix it in four-to-six inches deep. “After that,” says Pell, “the garden’s soil structure will be significantly improved for years.”



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