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Love on the Street

October 12, 2009 by  
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Love00In life we have choices. We can love the world for all the beauty that it holds or we can sit there adding up all the negatives. While love has certainly taken some heat for being blind at times, you don’t have to put on your rose-coloured glasses to see that there’s a lot about Vaughan to venerate.

Instead of simply taking it from us, City Life magazine took to the streets to get some feedback from the people that make this city tick. While stopping to talk to those who live here, work here or simply commute here, it was plain to see that Vaughan is something special.

We came with one simple question, and left with a wealth of unique answers. What do you love about Vaughan?

Kasia Miles
“I find that everything is close. My daughter is going to high school next year and it’s just a 15-minute walk away. I consider the community safe and I like that you have your Catholic schools and your public schools. I also live right by Highway 400, so it’s easy access!”

Binito and Maria Varano
“You’ve got everything here! We come to [Vaughan Mills Mall] all the time to walk around and get some exercise. The city grew fast. We just moved into a new zone a year ago and it’s nice and quiet. They’re going to build a park and a school.”

Lidia Lingini
“You can find just about everything in Vaughan and there are a lot of great restaurants! I feel safe here and I like that there’s a lot of green space. Everything is within a five-minute drive.”

Deodat Deodat
“Vaughan is the best city in Canada. It has the best atmosphere, environment, people, design and cleanliness. The crime rates are some of the lowest and there are lots of jobs in Vaughan. I’m thinking of moving here!”

Anna Pashkov
“I love the transportation! It’s a very good community and it’s clean. There are so many stores, anything you need you can get.”

Lorraine Hendy
“I’m from Montreal and Vaughan reminds me of Laval. It’s very multicultural and I find that the people are very friendly. There are a lot of nice parks and the crime rates are low. It’s a great area for kids to grow up.”

The Lewis family
“I like everything about Vaughan. I like its proximity to Toronto, I like the safety and I like that people are friendly. We have access to a lot of stuff here.” – Beverley Lewis
“It’s quiet.” – Conrad Lewis

Larry Chen
“Vaughan is convenient because of Highway 400. It’s nice and quiet. I love it here!”

Veronica Reis
“I have lived in Vaughan for 17 years … there was no other place I wanted to be except here. My husband, children and I have now lived in Maple for seven of 17 years. I like the quiet nights, great restaurants and nice stores nearby.”

Anna Nanda
“It’s very organized in Vaughan. I’m surrounded by easygoing, nice, polite, warm people that embrace my Indian culture. I’ve made a lot of friends here and when I had the grand opening of my Paradise Herbal Beauty Spa and Salon, everyone came to support me.”

Alex Poldi
“It’s where all the jobs are at! I like having a source of income.”

Andrea Segna
“I love living in Woodbridge because it has a great sense of community, it’s clean, the residents have pride in their properties, and it’s safer in comparison to other cities. There are plenty of community events, good schools, and some of the finest restaurants in the GTA are located right here.


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